[POLL] Are programmers anti social?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by fujiboy4, May 13, 2015.

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  1. 1st question, are you in the US?
    If so, 2nd question, do you plan on going to college or seeking a degree in CS/CE?
    If so, study up on your maths. You may think you are set but Calc II and Vector are a PITA.
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  2. Yes, US.
    I plan on going for a Ph.D in computer science, I eventually want to teach computer science at a university.
    and yes, I actually have been getting a bit rusty with math, that's something I have recently started to improve.
    Yea, I guess i'm technically not.

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  3. 10/10
  4. saphiria


    Who said anything about alcohol?
  5. My plans.. my plans are to go to West point and be an officer, so I'll be a 24 year old making good money and I'll be in the Military.. so dont ask me a sarcastic question like that
  6. noone, but what was I suppose to think teenagers do at parties?
    sit around and talk about "hawt girls"?
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  7. saphiria


    Well since your homeschooled and you haven't talked to anyone in a year, how would you know? From the stereotypical movies?
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  8. You're right, I wouldn't know.
    But for the time I have been homeschooled and not talking to anyone, I have also been right outside society, I have watched society get worse and worse year by year.

    I have watched dumb little teenagers kill themselves on improperly developed synthetic marijuana due to their parents restricting them so much that they will literally do exactly what their parents say not to do.
    I have watched teenagers get alcohol poisoning because their parents simply tell them not to drink alcohol, rather then teaching them what is too much and why alcohol is pointless.
    I have watched many, many teenagers drive their brand new cars off the road into a light poll and die, for the same reason above.

    Since you seem to think you know all about teenage parties, tell me; what do teenagers do at parties?

    oh and as for your comment about movies, I rarely watch any movies made past 1990, as very few movies made past 1990 are not complete shit.
  9. jflory7

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    If I'm anti-social… it's because I spend too much time on Spigot. :p
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  10. [​IMG]

    Now tell me there is no point to alcohol ;)
  11. uh?

    so the point to alcohol is a .gif of a baby rolling around?
    it really isn't that funny or "cute" at all.
  12. I don't think programmers are antisocial by nature. People tend to gravitate towards those that are most like them, and since programmers are relatively uncommon, most of them usually only have a few good friends.
  13. Haha, it is a gif which in my eyes represents what alcohol does to people. It makes you happier/more at ease, it makes you more social, it makes you fall over/lessens your coordination, ect. Not to mention that it can taste great, I personally prefer a drink called "Desperados" more than any sort drink. Of course you have to drink responsibly, but as long as you do then alcohol is just a bit of fun. Of course it's not good for you, but neither is chocolate. Everything in moderation ;)
  14. it's a poison that alters peoples mind-states and when not used properly, disables people from reality and from controlling themselves, causing the drunk driving and or drunk idiots we have all seen.

    think about a world full of people intoxicated via alcohol vs a world full of people high via a sativa-based strain of marijuana.
    it's a wonderland dream.

    oh and I really hope you don't actually believe that the baby in the .gif is actually drunk, you'd be really dumb to believe that.
  15. Hm i didnt know anti social people don't have feelings/emotions or a sense of humor.

    your pretty much why programmars are seen as anti social, even though some of them have lives.

    Society will NEVER be perfect. It wasn't perfect in history, and isn't perfect now. Deal with it, don't have a pitty party because you think you were born in the wrong era. Thats the enjoyment of life, forget about how bad society is and focus on enjoying how bad it is (If that makes sense?).
    Yea, about 10k people died in 2012 due to drunk driving, but not everyone can be smart. Just because thousands can't manage it, doesn't mean society is totally bad.
  16. There is a difference between having a few drinks, and getting smashed. I drink at parties, but I have never vomited, never drunk driven, or gotten into any trouble for anti social behavior. As I said before, it's all about moderation. I also strongly stand behind the legalization of marijuana, and agree that it is less harmful to one self and society than alcohol. Also of course I don't think the baby is drunk, it's just funny how accurate the baby represents some of my friends when they have a few drinks.
  17. Also I would see myself as a very social person, but at the same time tick most boxes people link to being "nerdy". I am currently studying Computing, Maths and Physics; I will be taking Computer Science at University next year; I spend the majority of my free time (when at home) playing video games; I spend most of my income on tech (the tech in my bedroom adds up to about $10,000); and I love programming. But at the same time, I have a great group of friends; I have an awesome girlfriend who I love very much (2 year anniversary in a week); I have no problem starting conversations with strangers; I go clubbing or to house parties at least once every week; I am going to Majorca (party island), America, Amsterdam, and more this summer with friends; and I spend as much time as possibly out the house living life to it's fullest.

    Programming is great, and there is nothing quite like creating something from nothing and people valuing it enough to pay you for it. But at the same time I would hate myself if I look back in 60 years and all I have done is sit in my bedroom and code. Life is for living, go live it. To me developing software is the best job in the world, and there is nothing I would rather do. But I also want to do so much more, I want to travel, I want to raise a family, I want to see the world through my own eyes and not just on a screen.

    In my opinion, if you want to be successful in the tech industry you need to have great skill and passion, but you also need to have people skills. Of course there is a place for people who just want to code with no human iteration (code monkeys as my teacher calls them), but if you want to work on a huge project in a team, you need people skills.
  18. iLemon


    @Cewlt be like:
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  19. ohh, I see now.
    If your life is so good then why are you bashing me for being what I am?

    You talk about sterotypes and then you say "I didn't know anti social people don't have feelings/emotions or a sense of humor"

    You're right, society never was perfect, but it also wasn't ever this horrible.
    I never bashed general society for alcohol abuse, you're just mashing my comments together to bash me now.

    GangsterWalrus, i'm not sure why you're getting so mad about this and it seems like you're more arguing than having a conversation with me.
    You're coming off as mad about what I am.

    nice spelling and grammar, btw.
    I respect you for that, as I have said in another comment, I have no problem kicking back on new-years and having a few drinks.
  20. Yeah, you may want to retake History class.
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