[Poll / Idea] A new Factions Plugin?

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Could this idea go far?

  1. Yes! I absolutely love the idea!

  2. Yeah, it's okay!

  3. I'm not sure, honestly.

  4. Eh... probably not..

  5. No. This idea is terrible. Why bother competing against the Factions we have now?

  1. Hi there, my name is Gamer, and I've been messing around in Bukkit for around about 3 years now. I've been very bored recently, and since summer has officially started for me, I thought I would take some time to think of a nice project I could start and work on over the summer. I thought "Hmm... Factions has always been kinda fun..."

    And then I decided that Factions needed a makeover.

    My idea is very simple. The core idea of factions will remain the same. Players will be able to create factions and fight against other factions in a battle for claimed land. However, there is a small twist....

    Introducing: The Faction Power Core.

    The Faction Power Core will be the center of every Faction (not literally). Every faction owner will get one upon creation of their faction, and will be required to place it down in order to claim land or invite other players. The main function of the Power Core is to make faction wars and base raiding a little more interesting, as well as provide a little more protection to a factions possessions.
    Each Power Core has a base health of 100.00. Blocks that a faction has control over must be "broken" in order to lower the core's health. However, blocks cannot actually be broken. Blocks that are broken will simply reappear instantly, but also take a bit of the core's health down, depending on what block was broken. Once the core's health is at 0, any outsiders are free to break blocks and steal from chests. I haven't worked out the details on how the core can regenerate health (other than naturally, of course). Players within the attacked faction will get notifications when they are being attacked (giving info of what chunk the attackers are in), and when their core's health is at 0.

    Introducing: Trust Rating (Toggleable).

    Trust Rating is a somewhat simple system of making sure a faction owner knows who he/she is inviting to the faction. Every player starts out with 25 Trust. If a player leaves a faction, or the plugin detects that the player killed a player within that faction (with lava, etc.) then their Trust Rating will go down. The longer a player stays in a single faction, the higher his/her trust rating goes, up to a max of 100. In order to allow betrayal of factions, I may implement features that allow a faction owner to increase the Trust Rating of a member.

    Introducing: Faction Currency (Toggleable).

    Many people will probably come to me and say "Gamer, people can already make factions use currency if they want to. What's the big deal?" To that I say, this is a completely different type of currency that only faction owners and faction admins can use. Faction Currency is only used for buying Land Claim Tokens, Power Core Upgrades, or, as said before, possibly Player Trust Rating Increases. I haven't thought much about all the details of the currency yet, so shoot me some ideas if you want :p

    I'm sure that there's other things that I forgot to mention, but I'll add them in as I think of them, and I'll add in more features as I come up with them.

    This is still a very new idea, so don't be surprised if you see that one of your suggestions makes it!
  2. MiniDigger


    I don't know shit about factions.
    But a fresh idea is always good. And if you have some time anyways this could be a good opertunity to build up your portfolio with a large scaled project that could be potentially be used by many server that are trying to stick out of the bulk of faction servers.
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  3. Still looking for more feedback on this! :p
  4. Whatever you're doing, make sure it's not complicated. Most of the people who play on servers are relatively young and you don't want your system to be complicated where they always have to ask others what X or Y does.
  5. Just use my Feudal plugin. Its similar to factions, but adds more rollplay with a fighting change.
    Instead of fighting offline, feudal forces online fights.
  6. It's a more advanced system, but it should be easy to pick up on. I have little brothers that can easily test for me :D
  7. Will it be open source? Also, if you'd like someone else to work on the project with you I'd be happy to do so.
  8. No, I don't plan on making it open source
  9. Do you have a reason for that decision? Will it be a premium plugin?
  10. It will most likely end up as a premium plugin, but I may make the first few releases standard
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  11. Archon already has the feature of faction corr but on a separate plugin.
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  12. That plugin isn't available to the public though, right? This is gonna be the whole plugin in one :p
  13. I'd say go for it see how far you can get
    Always room for new bright ideas
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  14. Its a fresh new idea and sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Those who do use it will probably love it. I'm just worried about how many people will actually install it. Factions seems to bloat the market, and that could be a blessing or a curse. Obviously there are some big names out there you will need to compete with and this will be difficult. If you can get your name out there, though, you have a lot of potential customers to work with. On the other hand, since factions is already so popular and some may not view this as revolutionary, it will be difficult for you to get off the ground.
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  15. Just stating my own opinion. I totally dig this idea! I'd prefer a system where you have blocks you place that protect a certain radius (ignores Y coords) around them so you could have multiple cores spread out and of course they would be upgradeable like stated in your initial post. I just don't want the core huddled up right in the center so it becomes extremely hard to raid once factions become OP.
  16. I thought about that, but I thought that it might be a little too hard to keep track of. But the core has no value to raiding anyways. I don't see why it would be an issue :p
  17. 4chan


    That's fucked up. Technology does not advance if we keep our source closed.

    And now I have lost:
    1. Respect for you;
    2. Interest in this shitty plugin
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  18. Tux


    Literally a rip-off of Archon.

    The more you know: I wrote that faction core plugin for The Archon.
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