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Is it worth to Develop this Plugin?

  1. Yes its worth

  2. No its not

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  1. So hey people, at the moment i'm working on an Overwatch plugin (with all the 3 GameModes and all the Heroes) i've already made the base and my first Hero (Tracer) so, before i finish this project cause its realy huge, i wanted to know its worth to develop it until its end, and how much you would pay for this, i will make a Poll where you can vote Yes its worth and No its not, and in the comments you can post your price ideas ^^
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  2. SpaZMonKeY777

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    The price you set would definitely sway how well the plugin would do. I love Overwatch, and a minecraft mod that simulates Overwatch sounds like it could be fun! If you release it in early development, I would have a very low cost point to gain interest and increase views/downloads/reviews, and then increase slightly over time to where you would like it to end up being.

    And if you want this poll to get some traction, post some screenshots as well :D
  3. i'll do soon, i'm a bit thinking about the key layout cause miencraft dont gives us so much possibilities, so atm i'm on this Point:

    The Weapon keys (Left&Rightlick) wil lbe swapped cause minecraft wont send a Leftclick Spam (so you cant spray your weapon)
    Heroes uses Q will use Q
    Heroes uses Shfit will use Shift
    Heroes uses E will use F
    Heroes uses Space uses Doublespace
    Weapon switch is 1&2

    Hero switch i need to look what i make
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  4. Yo its me again, just wnated to say that i decided that i want to make it with a resource pack.
  5. JamesJ


    Prepare to have a C&D sent by Blizzard Entertainment if you are copying their game and/or making profit from it.
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  6. Overwatch plugin?
    Or kit pvp with guns and skills?
  7. Overwatch plugin with the gamemodes @JamesJ i'm not even copieing their textures or something but for sounds etc and gamemodes aren't even made by blizzard just the hero system was created by blizzard
  8. JamesJ


    You're copying the mechanics of the game, of which they've most likely trademarked / patented knowing Blizzard.
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  9. SpaZMonKeY777

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    He has quite a bit of leeway though, as long as it's not copying exact map names, hero names, ability names (maybe), etc. But things like Capture Point, Attack Point, Payload, etc aren't trademarked and are just generic gamemode types that he can use. But if he starts labeling map builds with names like Route 66, and heros named Tracer and Winston, etc then he may be in trouble lol.
  10. If he adds like a minecraft touch to the names he'll be fine.
  11. SpaZMonKeY777

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    Reinsquare, Hanzoid, Trasquare, Junkrock, Winstone... Man this plugin practically writes itself.
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  12. so the maps will the consumers name how they want thats tbh not my problem then :D, and i will make for every hero a config for damage values etc & name, so when the people want to name their heroes like in ow they can do it, but its not my fault when they get problems ^^, but tbh i think blizzard got better things to do than striking one who made a plugin for a game which hasn't even round edges.
  13. Oh trust me, when people can, they will try to get as much money out of products whether that being selling the game, or suing other people, they don't care.
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  14. That Would Be Intresting To Have In Minecraft, But That Would be Awesome!