[POLL] Which terrain would you prefer?

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Which kind of terrain do you prefer?

  1. Le Monde (http://tinyurl.com/plbl9w3)

  2. Vanilla 1.11.2

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  3. BiomeBundle (http://tinyurl.com/k8kbm95)

  4. Other (Please specify)

  1. Hey, everyone!

    Just want to see what kind of terrain people prefer on survival servers. My server uses a lot of custom plugins for just about everything, but before I can release it, I need to decide on the terrain.

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  2. is it a normal survival server? or do you have themes behind it, its normally best to have a map that fits your server theme,

    Personally i like really high detail terrain where the map maker has taken everything into consideration to make a nice looking map that feels like it fits the server im playing on, its fun to play in survival and to explore really detailed worlds because theres actually stuff to go and see/do in the map instead of just staying in a nearby area and building your little shacks and just grinding game tree, its also cool to have little extras or easter eggs on the map that players can try and find. I also like when maps have something on them that fits into the terrain, for example an apocalypse server could have some destroyed ruins(maybe with lore), fantasy servers could have dungeons, war servers might have downed planes and trenches, etc you get the idea,

    we did a fantasy server recently and had a custom map made for it that fits it kinda well and so far alot of people like the new map, i personally do but hey I'm bias