[Poll] Which version of Minecraft is your Favorite

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Which version of Minecraft is your Favorite

  1. 1.6 or below

  2. 1.7

  3. 1.8

  4. 1.9

  5. 1.10

  6. 1.11

  7. 1.12

  1. I saw another thread but it didn't have a poll so i thought why not make one :p
  2. 1.8 has always been my favorite
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  3. I prefer 1.8 too (PvP) but it is really really outdated in comparison of 1.11.2.
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  4. Bump let's get more votes :)
  5. When I play PvP I prefer to use the 1.8 but for survival projects I use 1.12, because 1.8 is really outdated
    and also has some vulnerabilities.
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  6. Splazeing


    There we go again.. :)

    I prefer 1.8.
  7. My favorite version of Minecraft right now is version 1.8. I do not like that whole new PVP revamp that Mojang did. I can see most people agree with me, lol.
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  8. 1.8 is the best version
    1.5.2 is the best for pvp
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  9. No one uses 1.5 any more. Only modded servers do. You're a stubborn OG if you use 1.5. 1.7 is the "pvp" version most people and servers use.
  10. is the my opinion, sorry
  11. I prefer Minecraft 1.8 over the latest versions because they completely changed the way everyone was used to in PVP. They new of PVP makes it a lot harder to defeat your opponents.
  12. 1.12 because 1.8 is just way to outdated, and annoying for developers to keep supporting (with the api changes).
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  13. 1.2.5 was my absolute favorite. It was all downhill from there. But, since that's not an option I chose 1.12

    (I'm not going to select 1.6 or below because 1.3-1.6 sucked too and they don't deserve my vote).
  14. 1.8 + ViaVersion makes 1.8 live.
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  15. I don't understand what you are trying to say, ViaVersion has nothing to do with my statement.
  16. I used to use 1.8 but I've noticed that most new plugins don't have functionality for 1.8 anymore due to api changes in the new updates as well as other updates done making it hard for developers to keep up with all the versions at the same time.

    I truly liked the pvp system of 1.8 more and I wish they'd add an option to switch the pvp systems, however as there is no such option yet we can only utilize what we have, therefore I've switched to 1.11.2 ( Not 1.12 yet because not many plugin updates are out for it yet..)
  17. 1.12 100% because its newest and it has most features, And old pvp sucked with 1.8 because spam clicking is just super annoying and sht way.
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  18. My opinion, please don't get triggered

    I honestly have no clue why people are chosing 1.8 other than the PvP. It's what Mojang chose, how they want the game to be, and everyone should be adapting to 1.12. There are plugins on spigot which are doing a good job at aiming to support 1.8-style PvP for 1.9+. Versions below the latest always have security vulnerabilities and lesser features, I always join the servers with the latest versions as it's more optimized, I don't mind the 1.9 PvP as I think it's more challenging and it has new additions from the vanilla version.

    As @Phantom_ said, it's annoying for developers to keep supporting with the API changes. I always see reviews saying "Good pls add 1.8 support" on other's resources, it makes me think how pissed off some would get during to how hard it would actually be to support versions. In addition to many bugs, comes a whole bunch of optimizations and tweaks to make to your plugin and to test for every version for every feature of their plugin is only something else.

    I recon 1.12 is a superior version, though both PvP systems were fine, but 1.9 adds more of a challenge than attempting to click your mouse as fast as you can and performing leftclick-rightclick loops while battling.
  19. ssamjh


    I made a video about the whole concept. At the end of the day you can emulate 1.8 behavior on 1.11.2 (and probably 1.12 soon), so much so that you can even allow 1.8 clients!
  20. I'd say 1.8. It just runs a lot smoother than others, and allows mods such as LabyMod.