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  2. I doubt this will change anything, the general public's majority dosen't care about any Minecraft servers since they don't play on any of them.
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    Read the comments, they are mostly very hostile and quick to label the community as misguided kids.
  4. Treestompz @treestompz Was featured in the article
  5. Those are just people who already know about Minecraft, who are probably arguing their sides. So, there is not very much chance for any change.
  6. The thing is we aren't telling these kids to go steal a parent's credit card and buy a donation rank. We provide perks in these ranks that draw them to want to get it in an ordinarily fashion ie: Christmas, Birthday, Graduation.
  7. Why didn't the author interview any server owners on the other side of this?

    It's a bit one sided, and Notch was right... Those questions were a bit aggressive.

    Also loved this quote... Pretty concise and accurate.
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  8. It is definitely a biased article.

    The problem with this whole shebang is just massive misunderstanding, all this information about servers is just coming out now. (Coming out as in, people are actually aware of it now.) People read a couple posts about the whole situation and think they can speak about 4-5 years of history.

    I think we are feeling the effects of being a community that is small, and because many servers operate as a business, also secretive.
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    The problem is the community is pretty greedy and people realize that, everyone knows #SaveMinecraft was only about the money. I'm not sure who they thought they were tricking by creating that article on Sterling's page. It was clear he was upset that he would loose a source of income, which he depended on and knew was against the law. Don't tell me that it's fine because Mojang never enforced it because that ideology is basically saying it's okay for one to deal drugs when the police don't enforce a law against drugs, then when they enforce it, the dealers have the right to rebel because they never enforced it from the start.