Spigot Poop | Make animals useful [1.8.x - 1.17] 2.2.0

Allows animals to make fertilizer

  1. SmallCode submitted a new resource:

    Poop | Make animals useful - Lets animals make fertilizer

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  2. Please make a language file so that the word "Poop" can be translated
  3. Done! I would really appreciate if you could rate the plugin :)
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  4. Hi, you can fix that the "Poop" can be placed in jungle tree?
  5. I'm going to fix that now!
  6. I can still put poop in the jungle tree, can you fix?
    I use paperspigot 1.15.2
    And other think, can you do that the shit can do that a jungle tree grow up?
  7. The poop can grow jungle trees, if it doesnt grow and just disapears that means that it cant grow there
  8. It only dont grow.
  9. Hi, then you can fix the problem with jungle trees?
  10. The jungletrees can grow, what is the problem?
  11. I can still put the poop in jungle tree.
  12. Yea, you are supposed to be able to do that
  13. Oh, not is a error then?