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  1. Hello,

    For some reason my server is not performing as it should. As you can see in the timings url below


    With just 7 players the load is incredibly high. I've already changed (as suggested in another thread, see here) some spigot.yml values, but perhaps there's still something that may be bottlenecking the server?

    Incase its needed, I've uploaded the spigot.yml here.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. What are the Machine Specs? Might be Useful in diagnoses.
  3. At the moment its not a dedicated server. Its hosted with a hosting provider with 10 GB RAM. They claim the CPU is a Dual (2x) Intel Xeon E5-2650v3
  4. Everything Looks good. I have no suggestions. Your allocating how much Ram to the Server?
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  5. Looks like some timings with a lot of hoppers (high tileentity ticks (38% of 88% = ~33% of your total server performance!) and then also InventoryMoveItemEvents being very high in worldguard...
    Are you allowing unrestricted hopper amounts? Big cactus farms without efficient hopper plugins can do stuff like this.
    It's not that big of a gain, but getting part of that performance back could be nice.
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  6. 10 GB of RAM it has

    Im not 100% sure if this can be the reason but I use the TransportPipes plugin that simulates the pipes of buildcraft. Would that be somehow considered a hopper? It moves items between chests and furnaces and so on. Which plugin could I use to limit the hopper lagg in order to decrease the 33% you mention?
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  7. That's too much and might effect Java GC. I suggest 4Gb. There is no need to allocate ALL the Ram to the Server.
    Code (Text):
    java -Xms1024M -Xmx4G -jar -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -jar spigot.jar nogui
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  8. Well I had to increase it as when I had 6 GB and 25 players online even the timings page said I was lacking resources. The same is what the hosting provider said :/
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  9. Hmmm, it could be part of the 10% worldguard ticks, but it wouldnt be part of the 30% minecraft tile-entity ticking (unless it uses some weird hopper to start it and end it or sth? Idk)
    And I dont have any plugins at hand, never did it myself, but Ive heard people talk about the existence and help of such plugins.
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  10. That's very Strange, Everything I have read doesn't suggest that....I could be wrong though, and that leaves no resources left for actual Server OS to run. (One note: I have no idea how these shared hosts run behind the scenes.)
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  11. A quote from @electronicboy
  12. electronicboy

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    if you're going to allocate memory to the server, you might as well tell java to use it; Not setting Xms == Xmx can also lead to side effects around heap expansion due to MCs horrific memory profile, i.e. stuck in a state where you're performing full GCs as java tries to determine if it needs to expand the heap or not.

    Large heap sizes in general where horrific until we got G1, which is designed for larger heaps. G1 basically turns overallocation from being a potential mess in terms of requiring larger garbage collections, to overallocation just basically being memory which isn't really needed sitting there. I've never tested how well it deals with throwing a stupid amount of ram at G1, it's supposed to be able to deal with that, from my own playing around, it appears to deal well with it up until you end up actually having large amounts of object sitting around, but that seems to be more of a side effect of allocating a ton of the heap to new-gen

    I would suggest looking at paper, or at least disabling worldguards inventory move event at the very least if you don't need it (it's a configuration option in the newer builds, no idea if there is an actual release with that in yet). Hoppers are a horror story in MC, CB's event does a lot of horrific stuff that can shred performance to hell.
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  13. Phoenix616

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    Hoppers definitely have an impact. If you can't lower the amount of hoppers then I suggest disabling hopper protection in WorldGuard (event-handling.ignore-hopper-item-move-events) and using an LWC version that adds a cheaper alternative hopper protection. (optional.alternativeHopperProtection). Alternatively you can try out my HopperImprovements plugin to disable move events when the target inventory is full.
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  14. I'm going to give your plugin a go to see if it helps decrease some things a bit. I'll post a new timings report as soon as some time has passed. If that doesnt seem to help , I'll disable the plugin I have doubts about in order to find out if that was causing it.
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  15. Mhm... The world's already pregenerated with WorldBorder :(
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  16. Is the server just starting to start?

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