Popular Minecraft Gamemodes?

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by IlluminatiBucky, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Since I now have the budget to open another Minecraft server I have been wondering what the most popular game mode is right now.

    I've been thinking about doing a 1.8+ Zombie Survival with guns, mystery boxes, perks, etc.. I just want to know what the community thinks about what the most popular game mode is right now.

    Thanks for reading! :)
  2. Skyblock and Survival(survival is kinda hard to make but its worth if ur going to use custom claims plugin)
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  3. OpFactions
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  4. SkyPvP, KnockbackFFA or BuildFFA are popular right now.
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  5. BananaPuncher714


    Annihilation is a great gamemode, but you need enough people who will actually play it.
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  6. HCF, BuildFFA - ArenaPvP, CTW, SG, SkyWars.. The most popular minigames they are a pvp/pve minigames..
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  7. I read the description of it and it's pretty interesting! I'll look into making it.

    But it does seem like BuildFFA is another interesting gamemode.. I appreciate all the comments!
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  8. Bedwars is currently played a lot, skyblock is doing great aswell. Your gamemode idea sounds great too.
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  9. Parkour is a great gamemode :D
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  10. I would think that both bedwars and skywars are number one in most popular. Even now, two years from when skywars was released, the amount of people that play skywars exceeds mineplex's player count. Youtubers like technoblade got 200k subscribers within 4 months of bedwars releasing, thats a lot.
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  11. I’ve ran many different game modes over the years, Creative has always been the most popular on my server.
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  12. Honestly, without having some type of Niche or secured Advertisement, your best bet starting from scratch is modded servers, they're the easiest to build a rep from and earn enough money to grow larger.
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  13. FrostedSnowman

    Resource Staff

    anything, as long as u throw money into it
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  14. I think something that is unique will always draw attention. Hunger games got popular because of this, as well as Hypixels the Wall.
    I don't think throwing money at something is the answer if that money doesn't lead to more innovation.
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  15. Now here's the main question to all of this.. What version would this be on?

    Considering most of this involves PvP I'd assume 1.8 but maybe I could do 1.7.10 AND 1.8 compatible?
  16. You can either have pvp tryhards or you can have people who are good at pvp and bad. Also you should try making your own game idea.
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  17. Those are popular but your not going to be able to make a popular server with those game modes.
  18. Then which gamemodes will make a popular server?
  19. Bedwars and Skywars are the popular game modes right now ;)
  20. UltraOPprison is also played alot