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  1. Anyone got any tips on how to get your server more popular?
  2. Use youtubers or server lists and post your server on forums.
  3. That's Obvious , I am sure he was asking beyond the basic advertisement...
  4. Yeah, I mean the ADVANCED stuff
  5. I'm sorry I to need some tips for this.
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    Pretty sure the same methods are used just on larger scale/more often. Mineplex has partnership with Captainsparklez (YouTuber). Servers continually buy ms.org slots etc.

    I don't think there are "advanced" advertising methods lol

    TL;DR the basic stuff is the same as always, YouTubers, slots, word of mouth, forums, server lists.
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  7. Here's what you'll need (might be too advanced):
    • A server
    • money
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    how did u know

    PRAISE AAR00N HE IS KING123!!!! !11!
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  9. Sponsor the olympics or some big event (not the world cup though. Don't wanna seem corrupted). Maybe fly a blimp around a big city?
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  10. I just stop running servers waste of money tbh.
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  11. I don't have my server yet and I only got $100 and I'm saving up for a new PC.
  12. Why should we care? Doesn't change the answer.
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  13. Here's the equation for a popular server.
    M+A+P=Popular Server
    M is money, A is advertising, and P is properly spent.
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  14. Don't run a server if you don't have the funds or time and , like you said you're saving up for a new computer so why would you want to waste money on a server when there about probably over millon servers ...... Just saying...
  15. add things you like, your preferences tend to be unique, and people like unique servers. Also advertising with good banners etc. I can help you out with that, a nice server Icon, Logo, Banner etc. Contact me for that and good luck :)
  16. I would just carry on as you are when people start selling hourly MCServers.org slots buy them anymore than $40 I don't buy because they will make profit if they did the maths right. Then you get small youtubers (good ones) then you increase to better youtubers and that's how easy. It would be easy to get $60 donations just from server list advertising then slots get a bit more to buy the youtubers.
  17. Get shoutouts from big youtubers, start you own youtube, stream on twitch, make a website...