Port change, freedns.afraid.org? (HELP)

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Lukas562, Jul 3, 2019.

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  1. Im using freemc.host and my server's ip is or FreezedMC.uk.to:30630 but i would want to change the port to 25565, but the host does not support dedicated ips. HELP ME
  2. You'll need an SRV record
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    You can't change it without your hoster's permission and/or without your hoster doing it.

    However, there is a little workaround it. What you need:
    - A domain (can be a subdomain, or use a free .tk domain from freenom.com)
    - A DNS service which offers SRV records (e.g. cloudflare offers that for free)
    You can then "forward" the domain, so that you try to join your domain with the port 25565 (e.g. mycoolserver.tk:25565 or even only mycoolserver.tk because 25565 is the default port) you join on your server with the other port.

    Here is a tutorial how you can do that. It is in german, but if you follow the steps on the screen you should be able to follow it:
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