Port Forwarding Issue - Sagemcom Fast 5260

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  1. After spending hours of googling, it seems no one has been able to figure out how to port forward Minecraft with my type of router. I am not sure if this is the right section, so please don't flame me too much if it is.

    I have no clue what it is I am doing wrong. Here is the rule I have written on the router's site.

    I have made a static IP address for my device, which is the '


    If you have any ideas, please post them. Really, I am open to trying anything at this moment.
  2. Yes I did. I used that website to help me set up the static IP, but for the Port-Forwarding section it gave little to no help.
    Thanks though for searching.
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  3. Just tried both. Still no luck :(
  4. DId you also try to take contact with your ISP? They might have the ports blocked from their network.
  5. I have tried calling Spectrum, but I ended up getting too frustrated with their phone bot, and I wasn't getting anywhere. However, my panel does provide a Firewall section, and I checked there, and the port isn't listed.
  6. The way I did it is as follows:
    Custom Service Name: MC Server
    Service: Other
    External Host: *
    Protocol: TCP
    Internal Host: <your ip>
    External Port: 25565
    Internal Port: 25565

    Works every time :)
    The important part is `External Host: *`
    Has to be an asterisk, anything else I put fails
  7. When you say "IP", are you referring to my devices IPv4 that can be shown in ipconfig?
    This one ^?

    Or the IP that shows if I google "What's my IP?"
  8. IPv4 from your device
  9. Tried. Still no luck :(
  10. How are you testing the server?
  11. try this

    External Port: 25565-25565
    Internal Port: 25565-25565

    The error says it all your router needs a range of ports as an argument

    BTW there are 2 kinds of address you should be using
    Internal Address - is the address of your computer
    ExternalAddress - is the public address that is exposed to the internet
    To get your external address you can look here
  12. If you are running Windows then make sure Java has access to public/home networking. A firewall window usually pops up and lots of people click CANCEL without realizing what it does
  13. Still nothing..

    I tried this as well and it didn't work either.
  14. May we see a few things because this is not making sense:

    1) Open a CMD prompt and do 'ipconfig'
    2) Show us your server.properties
    3) How are you opening the server?

    I don't think you'd need to see my Server.properties, because the port doesn't even show as open on Canyouseeme

  16. Here is my current port forward rule:


    **Note: I have tried to set my Internal Port as "25565-25565" but it continuously reverts back to just "25565"
  17. Are you testing when the server is online or offline?
    You can't test an open port with an offline server

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