Port Forwarding Problem.

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  1. Can someone could help me to port forward my router. I have tried many ways only Port Forwarding Wizzard seem to make it work but I want to Port Forward without needed that software. Thank you.
  2. Port forwarding depends on your router and firewall. See the manufacturers guide, and make sure to allow the port on the firewall.
  3. Every router has to be port forwarded differently.
    You just search on Google: How to port forward [your router's name]

    Also, make sure you setup a static ip-adres.
    If you don't know how, then you should search a tutorial on how to setup one :)
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  4. Actually, You should search "How to port forward [Your routers name & Model number]"
  5. I've tried to follow many instructions online but it doesn't work
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    What type of router do you have?
  7. I'm using the TP-Link TD-W8151N router
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  9. I did use this instruction but still doesn't work
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    Then it might be your pc firewall
  11. it have been turned off but it still doesn't work
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    Send a pic of your routers page were you put the ports (just blank out your ips)
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    delete any and all port forwarding rules that you've setup and reboot the router, then either refollow the guide or use beacon

    if it doesn't work from there then it falls onto two somewhat likely cases of, either your computer is blocking it (make sure that you've not set an Ip address in your server.properties file), or your ISP doesn't let you run servers
  14. Here's the page where i put the ports

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  15. For some reason it worked.
    Sorry for wasting your time