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Open crafting inventories on the go.

  1. Just to confirm, the error just gets hidden, but is still there in the new update or? Because the error caused my server to crash, and I don't really want to install it again if the error is still present (in case it crashes my server again) but hidden?
  2. The crash was likely because of the massive amount of stacktrace printed to your console. With the error hidden nothing is sent to the console its the error is completely ignored. It *shouldn't* crash your server, if it does you may have to disable furnaces and brewing stands on your server until Paper releases the patch that fixes the issue. Please let me know if your server does crash, though.
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  4. PortableCraftingInvs will be updated to 1.18 in around a day or so.

    With this update java 17 is likely to be required (to be in-line with Minecraft's java version); 1.16 will remain accessible for this update until 1.18 is the default version built by Buildtools where it will be removed.

    Cross server brewing stands and furnaces are coming at some point in the future, I've been rather busy with other things and haven't found the time to properly work on PCI.
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