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    Its harder to place portals now like you cant just spawn a block and stuff. I gotta do //stoplag and then //set portal. Thats not a problem at all, but the problem is the portal only facing one way... So when I try to place it in another direction I only get this: http://i.imgur.com/MsALTsl.png I have also tried to downgrade the server to 1.7 and then place the portal. Then it worked fine, but when I again updated it to 1.8 then the portals just faced to the default direction. Is there any possible solution on this? Please help if you know.

  2. Keep increasing the data value until you get the one you want:
    Code (Text):
    //set portal
    //set portal:1
    //set portal:2
    //set portal:3

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  3. MrX


    Yey, thank you so much it worked! Would have bought you a cookie or two if I ever had met you! :D
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