Portal plugin with permissions?

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  1. Hello.
    I'm searching for a (spigot) portal permission, that:
    Is compitabel with Multiverse Core, I mean that he can teleport you too another world
    created with Multiverse-Core.
    And, where you easyly can add a required rank with the plugin: GroupManager.
    So, I mean: A portal that you teleport to another world, with a required rank from essentials group manager.
    'Cause, I'm making a world for vips, and Whitelisted people only. Is that possible? SHOULD BE AWESOME!
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  2. Click me.

    This plugin does what you need. Also, I'd advertise you to refrain from self-promotion in this area.
  3. Oké, Thx!
  4. Thanks, but doens't work. The permissions doens't work wauw.
  5. Did you set them for the specific group?
  6. That's strange cause I have a quest for my people where they get the permission to the nether etc as a reward and it works great.
  7. How do you mean? I just installed the plugin, and I didn't have one of all the permissions of the plugin on my Owner rank.
    My ranks: Owner, Admin, Mod, Whitelist, VIP, Default. The owner was already a group so i could'nt create it again so I think its a pre genereted group so the permissions must work normaly? And, I can not even make a portal, I mean i dont have the permissions.
  8. If all you want to do is make a world that only specific groups are allowed in you can use Multiverse-Core to set if they have the right to go to that world or not.

    When it come to creating a specific portal that goes to that world you need a plugin that let you create custom portals. Either the portal plugin can be set to only let specific groups thorugh or Multiverse-Core can be used for this.

    Multiverse-Core have the permission: multiverse.access.<world> to allow or disallow a group/player access to that world. Giving them the permission multiverse.teleport.self.<world> gives them the right to teleport themself to that world (/mvtp <world>).

    For this to work you need to set enforceaccess enabled in the multiverse config.

    If you want your players to have to use a specific portal to get to that world (like in spawn) then you need an extra portal plugin.
    Since you use multiverse I'd just go with their own portal addon for it. (Multiverse-Portals).

    In multiverse portals you can setup different portals to different worlds, or same world. You name each portal and set the permission for each portal with multiverse.portal.access.<portalname>.

    So if I for example have a world named games and I want to control the access there through multiverse I do the following:

    1. I open up the multiverse config and find enforceaccess: 'false' and change it to enforceaccess: 'true'
    2. I go into my permissions and give the group I want to be able to go to that world multiverse.access.games
    3. Since every world needs a permission I have to add the multiverse.access.world, multiverse.access.world_nether and multiverse.access.world_the_end (and any other world all should have access to) to the other groups.
    4. Done.
    If I don't want to use this way but want to use portals instead, I just ignore every step above and turn off the server, put multiverse-portals on it and start up the server again.
    Then I do this:
    1. I open up the permissions file and add the permission multiverse.portal.access.games
    2. I create a portal in the game that goes to the world games and name the portal games
      (the portal doesn't have to have the same name as the world, but the permission have to have the same name as the portal)
    3. Done.
    How to create the portals with Multiverse-Portals are described HERE.