Spigot Portal Stones 2.0.1

Add "Portalstone" to your Minecraft world.

  1. Spiggot and Bukkit, didn't exactly ask Mojang to make their Minecraft server code open source so they could maintain it, but hey they do. If no one can pull that off for this plugin, it's not that complicated, and I'm sure someone else could build it from scratch.
  2. Are there any plans to support 1.14?
  3. Although @Red-Fire complains there is no entity pass through event, there is, it's the regular teleport event, and I have tested with the v 1.14, and everything is working normally.
    Bounces out of portals have become delayed, and that is something from Minecraft itself and not the plug-in so there is nothing I can do.
    No errors at all come up during testing for me, but reports say that there are "many". That is not specific enough for me to find any problems and fix them. If you are getting errors, please tell me what they are so I can apply a fix.

    In short it is currently supported for V 1.14.

    If there are problems for you, let me know.
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  5. Hey, great plugin!
    Just want to report bug:
    Have 2 linked Places (f.e. A at spawn and B way in the wilderness) also have a normal nether portal (C) (somewhere near A).
    If you now enter nether trough C and return again, you may arrive at A instead of C.

    Is there a way for you, to make >Portalstone Portals< invalid for returing from the nether?
    Peeps started to get stuck into other peoples bases on accident, or use this as an exploit.
  6. That would be difficult to do. Nether Portal generation is handled any where else other than this plugin. If people are using the nether to get into bases, that is a tried and true raid strategy that Portal Stones does not stop.

    You can not travel from a Default nether portal to a Portal Stone infused one. You can make a Portal Stone infused link to a portal in another world though, like the nether.

    If cross game linking is occurring, the server admin needs to make sure the players items are not being duped across worlds they should not be.

    I will go check into this now.

    Thanks for the feedback
  7. When you feel you have the time to put in some extra config-options I'd love to be able to change the text on the portal stones. Mainly because I try to translate all plugins I use into Swedish to make the hole server "as swedish as possible". There is a lot of Swedish MC-servers but noone seem to try to actually make them Swedish in language. I like to make servers open for all ages and like when parents can play with their kids and all kan understand the texts. ;)
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  9. I'm very interested in using this plugin; any word on 1.16+? Amazing concept :)