portals to a bungeecord ip?

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  1. hey guys not sure if this is a bungeecord or more spigot thing but ill post it anyway.

    i was wondering if there was a way to have a spigot portal be created that connects to a specific ip, eg a bungeecord ip so that they can go from a server and be pushed through the bungeecord ip into a lobby.

    i know most spigot portal systems run off locations or ips in the backend and i know i cant put a bungeecord ip in the bungeecord config without something breaking.

    thoughts? ideas?
  2. From what I understand, you want to have a BungeeCord proxy connect to another proxy?
  3. i was thinking more of a portal that connects to a bungeecord ip, example would be that there is a portal on server A that connects to a bungeecord ip so basicly a portal system that runs off ip's directly rather than the standard way of doing things as it is
  4. So you want to connect to servers out side bungees proxy? Example your friends server, on a whole different machine, not in the bungeecord config?
  5. yea, to have a portal on a server in another host to connect to a different bungeecord ip, so you would, when creating a portal set the ip as a destination rather than a warp/server/location
  6. YES, you can
  7. does anyone know of any plugins on spigot that do that? or will i need to get a plugin made for that specificly
  8. any plugin can do that
  9. Name?
  10. You have to change the BungereCord a little bit, otherwise the 'second' BungeeCord can not get the IP of the player.
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  11. Its really hard to understand what you want to do.

    If you want the players client, which is entering the portal, to reconnect to another ip, its not possible.
    The clients connection to bungeecord is active for the whole session and across all servers.
    The Client will not reconnect.

    If you want the BungeeCord, to which the player is connected to, connect to another BungeeCord and route the player to that server, its only possible with modifying the second BungeeCord to support ip-forward.
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  12. thanks for everyones help, +1 for @ghac for going that little bit further. hopefully i can get this sorted out
  13. Wait? Why is going on here lol
  14. ?
  15. I finished the build, should work, if anyone is interested in testing (basic testing is done), message me, we will release it in the near future.
  16. Yeah, just look on YouTube, it will explain it there if im correct.
  17. You can use BungeePortals is a good plugin for teleport inter-server below BungeeCord