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  1. I'm new to this page, so I'm not quite sure how it works and everything, and since I wanted to develop a server with some friends and commands. Does anyone know how to make it so when a player goes into a portal it goes into another realm such as pvp survival different one that the spawn? And how do I make it so when I do /hub it will appear in the middle of the spawn right where I want it to?(thanks for your time)
  2. You'll need to use some bungee cord plugin for the portals and the /hub command you can make a command alias in your spigot servers to make /hub runs /server hub
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  3. Read this page for more information about command aliases. :coffee:
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    Spigot command aliases will not work on Bungeecord. You'll need a Bungee alias plugin if you want aliases for Bungee commands.
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