Spigot [Ported to new plugin] Donation Nicknames 1.8.0

Allow player to change their names when donating for your server

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    Earnable Nicknames - Allow player to change their names the way you want

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    Is a MySQL database required, or optional?
  3. Optional. I will edit the main post to make it clearer. if you dont want to use a database, you need to set the config setting 'storage' to YML which it is by default
  4. Hey I get this in console each time I join my server. I know nothing about programming but I see the name essentials a few times. My server doesn't use essentials. The plugin seem to work fine though

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  5. Is this compatible with DeluxeChat?
  6. Yes is does, you do need to use the %player_displayname% placeholder, not %player%
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  8. So this is just like Essentials /nick?
  9. Not exacly. Players can only change their nickname x amount of times and you have the option to sync the nicknames to other servers if you have a multi-server setup.

    You can read the features on the pain post to see what this plugin can do
  10. Are players nicknames meant to reset every time they logout?
  11. It definitely should not. Which version are you using and did you change the essentials config mentioned in the main post?
  12. Yes, and the latest version.
  13. How is your server network setup? Multiple servers, with or without bungee or just a single server?
    Are you using the YML storage or MySQL? If it is MySQL do all your servers have the same settings?
    When the player changed their nickname, what does /admnick check <player> show you?
    What does the command say when the player has logged off?
    What does the command say when the player has logged back on?
  14. Hello, thats the best nick plugin that I ever tested but there is something would be awesome if you add.
    I'd like the plugin with the posibility of dont let the players use other names and only let them use /nick set and their real name but with the posibility of changing the colors.
    For example: My nick is AlexSatellite, if I try /nick set &5Alex&cSatellite2 the plugin give me a error saying you can't use a nick different than your real nick, but if I try &aAlex&bSatellite, the plugin let me change the colors.
    I'd love this because I've been looking for a plugin like that for long time and never found one :(

    when you use /nick set it also remove your rank :/ I'm using pex for ranks
  15. I can not imagine my plugin removing ranks. It does not touch them. Are you 100% sure that is what's happening?

    I do like the idea of only being able to change the color of your own name. I will add that to my todo list.
  16. Bungee
  17. Do you have a teamspeak server I could join? I think that would be faster and easier to solve this issue.
  18. ts.xdmc.com.