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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering how do you port forward a spigot server? Do you do it like people normally do it or is there a easier way or something?
    Also I just set up my spigot server.
  2. @PiggPlayzMC You do it normally just like you would for a bukkit server or a vanilla server. Remember the port is 25565
  3. I use ASUS to port forward my minecraft bukkit server before when I did my friends still couldn't connect to it.
  4. Could you send a screenshot of the router config? Maybe you did the port forwarding part right but not the MAC Address/DHCP/Computer name part.
  5. How do i take a screenshot? Also I found my macs address,but its not showing it(btw I'm using macbook air version 10.10.2).
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    1. On your keyboard, press Command + Shift + 4 and then release all keys.
  6. @PiggPlayzMC

    If your using the standard version of your AsusWRT then it should be under Advanced Settings>WAN

    Click "Enable Port Forwarding", You can either use the Famous Game List and select Minecraft, or enter it in yourself with the following details:
    Service Name: Minecraft
    Port Range: 25565,25565
    Local IP: (Select the Machine running the server)
    Local Port: 25565
    Protocol: TCP/UDP (both)

  7. Just a note. If you are simply using this server to play with friends, why not use Hamachi which will save the hassle of port forwarding?

    If you are creating a serious server, you shouldn't be using Home hosting anyway.
  8. Because then your friends need Hamachi, and I would never install just to join a server.
  9. I'm not creating a serious server I just want to create a server where I can play with my friends and last time I checked on the ASUS thing there wasn't a "minecraft" option.
  10. I noticed there rarely ever is a Minecraft option on routers.
  11. So am I taking a screenshot of the router?
  12. sometimes
  13. Yes plz
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  14. Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.51.59 PM.png
    Here ya go dumbninja22
  15. I'm not using the version of ASUS your talking about.
  16. @PiggPlayzMC

    Can we have your router make/model please? This will really help in seeing what options
    are available to you.

  17. Agree.

    Also, go to in your web browser and there take a screenshot and post it.