Possibility to remove numbers from featherboard's scoreboard

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by heine789, May 17, 2017.

  1. The title pretty much explains it self. Is it possible to remove the numbers in the config or something?
  2. Btw I know it's possible to edit them with placeholders but I want to entirely remove them
  3. you cannot remove them, they are basic Minecraft things. To remove it you must make the player use a custom mod.
  4. Servers like arcane.cc have them removed
  5. I'm pretty sure they didn't because it's impossible, they may have a resource pack or something that hides it but otherwise, it's not possible. You could show us a screenshot of a said server's scoreboard also.
  6. Arcane have not removed them like you think. They offer a custom MC launcher (not released yet) that allows for the server to tell the client to remove them, but that only works if they are using the custom launcher.
  7. its impossible to remove. i think they use other plugins for scoreboards.
  8. its impossible to remove.
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  9. It's not totally impossible, surprise!

    See the numbers in the scoreboard config? Guess what, those are indicating the text lines. Unless you are a highly talented developer who can edit the code of your own scoreboard plugin, I guess you can't. I'm not that great of a coder, but I know that nothing is impossible. :p

    Okay, maybe coding a robot that simulates a human is impossible, but not this.
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  10. NO... Spigot api do not allow it
  11. As everyone else has stated it's not possible. Minecraft scoreboards function in the form [Name] [Score]. You physically can't remove the [Score] portion.