Possible Bug On SpigotMC.org??

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    When looking at the resources for this player, I noticed that it was saying ago, with no time frame, however on the main profile page I notice it was saying A moment ago, as it should.

    I didn't see this happening for anyone else, and the way to recreate the issue, is just go to his profile which I will link here.
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  2. TheJavaHacker


    All I see is: "now"
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  3. Its because I have show online status on but I have show what I am currently doing off.
  4. Ah, still would be a bug wouldn't it? because it doesn't say how long ago, just ago?
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  6. Works fine for me? What browser are you using. The time should be updating every second so I assume you disabled JavaScript (?)
  7. Phoenix616

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    Yeah I get the same error. Using Chromium 69.0.3451.0, even with completely enabled scripts and no adblock.
  8. Maximvdw


    its a CSS issue, the JS updates it correctly
    EDIT: Nm if I load the page after he is inactive for 30 seconds it works. But not when it should say "now"
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