Possible Entity Tracking Range Bug?

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  1. Hello there Spigot Community, please help me solve this Issue.
    The following is an Excerpt from my Server's spigot.yml File:

    Code (Text):
          animals: 25
          monsters: 25
          misc: 10
          players: 96
          animals: 64
          monsters: 64
          misc: 32
          other: 64
    As you can see, the "misc" Option of "entity-tracking-range" is set to 32. I am told by https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-configuration/#per-world-settings that this should affect the Visibility Distance for Items which have been dropped to the Ground. However, the Maximum Distance a Player on my Server can see Ground Items from for some Reason is 16 Blocks instead of 32, and cannot be altered. All other Settings work, just not this one.
    Of course I initially thought that this Setting could have been overwritten to the Value of 16 by a certain Plugin, but the only Plugin my Server has I can think of doing that is https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/clearlagg, and there is no Option for that in that Plugin's Config File.
    So do you have any Idea what is causing this Issue? I'd really prefer to have Items being rendered already at a Distance of 32 Blocks on my Server.

    Thanks for reading, looking forward to your helpful Answers,
  2. By the Way, in Case this Information is needed, my Server's Spigot Version is 1.12.2 (latest Build).
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    The client has its own cutoffs too.
    The vanilla tracking range of items for example is 64, but in my single player world they cut off at about 30.
    This is dependent on rendering settings selected on the client (render distance) and entity size.
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