Solved Possible fix for glitched gui (higher inventory size than 54)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Wilsoon, Mar 31, 2020.

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  1. I wish to make a GUI that is able to go beyond 54 gui size without something that looks like this:
    Is it possible?
    I'm creating inventory with:
    Code (Text):
    Inventory gui = Bukkit.createInventory(null, 63, ChatColor.GREEN + "" + ChatColor.BOLD + "Action against: " + ChatColor.GOLD + target.getName());
  2. SteelPhoenix


    You can't.
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  3. Hello,

    As SteelPhoenix said, you can not as it have to be handled clientside too.
    The only solution I see for you is to make your GUI paged with previous & next page (page 1, page 2...)
  4. Damn. Okay, thanks!
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