Possible Memory Leak on Bungee

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  1. Hi,
    I have what appears to be a memory leak and seems to be my bungee server. In my multicraft on a bungee startup it seems to run fine , then the cpu hits 100% quite quite and then the memory gradually increases until it gets to 100% never dropping at any stage , it doesn't crash shortly after but remains at 100% and after a few hours the bukkit servers start to lag , at this point I restart bungee and all is good for another short while.

    I have tried to disable all plugins on bungee with same effect over time , things like bungeeyaml and swiftmotd I know have been culprits to others but disabled still same thing.
    I have downgraded to bungee 997 also tried 1049 and 1059

    Can something bukkit side cause my cpu/memory issues on bungee ?
    What else can I try as I am running out of ideas :(
  2. anyone experienced this before , or any tips on how to resolve ?
  3. have you tried to run some profiling on your bungee or spigot instances? that should show you what is causing this.
  4. I have run lots of timings on all my connected spigot servers , even disabling many plugins to see if it has effect , bungee is a bit more difficult but I have disabled all plugins at 1 point and still had ram gradually increasing.
    When I first start server it seems ok , I allocated 12gb so that I can get as much time out of it before crash/restart knowing I have a problem of some kind , but kind of running out of any ideas , I did try using proxyusage plugin but im not convinced it has any accuracy so I could monitor memory without relying on multicraft.
    Can bungee plugins have any effect on the bungee , for instance I use mineverse chat which is cross server , can it have any effect at all ?
  5. timings will only give you very surface information. you should do actual profiling..
  6. i normally use YourKit (i'm not here to advertise this particular product), but any similar profiling will help.
  7. ive never used something like this before so I have no idea how to use it , is it something you install somewhere or a way to test plugins etc ?
  8. You run such profiling tool along with your program (in this case bungee and/or spigot) and profiling tool will gather information on what objects are created, which methods are invoked, when GC is invoked,etc.
  9. im just speaking to my hosts now as I just read up a bit , seems profiling is the way to find out the source etc , thanks for the advice , while I am waiting for hosts , or if they wont do this for me what are my options ? , I could literally wait until `off peak` times and disable everything and see if still runs or not , but any other possible solutions ?
  10. I am right in assuming it gets installed on the host machine though ? so its a program you install and run it and it will give me figures I can see dumps etc , sorry if I sound dumb this is quite new to me but a big problem at minute , I normally have 400 player sonline at this time of day but because of restarts and lag I have about 120-150 :(
  11. Yes that's what it does . Run a profiling tool on the server to see what's going on. But have you try testing bungee+spigot on the clean installation environment?

    I mean just vanilla environment.
  12. Yes , I have a dedicated server , so I have access to recreate a new server so I simply created bungee again with no plugins , couldn't do for too long as it has the ban plugin which I intend to have a bukkit side version as its not good being bungee side.
    Do you think spigot server can cause any memory leaks on the bungee , it basically reaches a point and all connected servers start to lag badly so bungee at fault , but not sure if something on 1 or 2 of the servers are causing it , is it a possibility ?
  13. I noticed sometimes on bungee I get lines of this [server] info (0) : and there can be lines of them when I read logs , this is just normal I guess ?
  14. and something else I noticed is that on any server if I type /find player it says unrecognized command , I never really used it so not sure again if ug or just because I haven't added perms or something , but I know the file created when bungee started for the cmd so could this even be something to consider ?
  15. try with plane bungee (no bungee plugins).
  16. Yeh I did just run it for 2 hours with no plugins , nervously as meant I had my ban system offline and would of had to rely on essentials fro a bit which I don't like as no logs :p
    It ran well but its not reached high player count , I have now gone step by step adding 1 or 2 plugins, I am also convinced I have a chatcontrol leak on bukkit from the new chatcontrol update as my multicraft player numbers show high as in 500/100 players on 2 servers I updated it on where all others are fine , chat was cross server before I disabled so I am wondering if this could effect.
    My /find player still does not function , I deleyed the modules and let them regenerate too and they generate fine , I have however never added a permission in bungeecore for find as there isn't a permissions listed so maybe its not recognized as there is a permission.
    So basically with the 2 chatcontrol bukkit servers disabled and also any cross server chat features disabled it appears to be holding steady , but I cant tell fro sure until I have higher player count later in day , with only 150 players on currently it is running fine.
  17. In BungeeCord configuration, there is a role based permission setting. To use bungee commands, you might need to give yourself or your group a permission.
  18. Yeh I have the bungee.command.find permission in bungee after I checked, it just doesn't work which is odd.
    I am still having memory leaks , not always as bad and allocating 16gb to bungee means I am getting it to run for longer , tryng to convince hosts to add profiling to the server as I don't have direct access to it :(