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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by SirCodalot, Jun 21, 2016.

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  1. Hello, today I noticed I just got everything I need to get the ability to post a premium plugin (paid).
    • 6 week old account
    • 50 posts + 10 positive ratings
    • 2 free resources
    • Two-step verification enabled with saved backup codes.
    It has been few hours since I completed the requirements. But I still cannot make a premium resource. Please tell me what do I need to do and if I need to wait more. And I am not sure what "Two-step verification enabled with saved backup codes." means


    New Problem:
    I just updated my premium resource downloaded it to see if it downloads the right file, And it doesnt. The right file is not even in the version history. Do I need to wait for spigot to approve updates too? Sorry if it seems like I cannot wait, its just that the plugin was re-coded and if someone will get it now he will be confused and worried. Thanks.
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  2. here
  3. I'm not sure where you've been lacked.
  4. MiniDigger


    try to wait up to an hour.
  5. Thread is unlocked, I have another question.
  6. Updates don't need to wait, just be sure you are on plugin page and in right corner you see UpdateResource button
  7. Thats what I did.
  8. Well, I fixed it somehow... Problem solved.
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