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  1. Here are mine:

    PC Specs:

    - Intel i7-3770 3.4GHz, turbo to 3.9GHz
    GPU - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Windforce 2X OC
    GPU - Asrock Z77 Extreme4
    RAM - Apacer 16GB (2x8GB)
    HDD - Toshiba 2TB 7200RPM
    Case - LC Power 984B
    Cooling - LC Power LC-CC-120


    Monitor - LG Flatron E2260 60Hz
    Mouse - Logitech G403
    Keyboard - Redragon Kala K557
    Mousepad - Steelseries Qck Heavy
    Headphones - Plantronics Rig 500
    Speakers - Logitech Z313

    Network speed - [​IMG]
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  2. It's older than 2 years, I'd feel like a caveman if I replied over there
  3. Strahan


    What the hell, have nothing better to do.

    - Intel i7-7700k overclocked to 5.1 ghz
    GPU - ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero
    RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4-3200
    HDD1 - 512GB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD
    HDD3 - 42TB iSCSI target
    Case - Corsair Carbide Series Air 540
    PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 650
    Cooling - Corsair Hydro series H100i


    Monitor1 - ASUS VE248H 24"
    Monitor2 - AOC I2269VW-B 22"
    Monitor3 - HTC Vive with deluxe audio strap
    Mouse - Logitech generic wheel mouse
    Keyboard - Das Keyboard Professional 4
    Mousepad - Amgo generic pad
    Headphones - Plantronics 615M for VoIP use
    Speakers - Harmon Kardon run of the mill speakers, nothing fancy

    Network speed - 180 / 25 mbps

    I love this case:

    One of the benefits of living alone; nobody to whine about giving up all of the space in what should be a living room to create a virtual reality roomscale playarea:

    Then I have my "office" where I do the occasional bench work and misc shit with systems that are not really worth the effort of listing specs for:

    My office is actually the master bedroom. I figure why waste all that space on sleeping, I'd rather have more IT stuff there. The master bedroom walk in closets also fell prey to my IT crap heh:

    Downstairs is an HTPC. Old, not very impressive specs but it can stream 4K without lagging so I suppose it gets the job done. I really wanted to get an Epson 5040UBE projector when I moved in here to use in this rec room but buying the house wiped me out so that's a down the road project.

    Then I have my infrastructure and server gear in the garage.

    When I get around to it, I plan to frame a small closet around the rack. Just large enough for me to be able to remove the panels and service the rack then drill a hole through the wall to the outside so I can hook up a portable AC. The garage gets rather warm in the summer, makes me nervous. Right now I just leave the door to the inside open and a fan blowing 24x7 to push A/C from the house in.
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  4. CPU - i7-7700k not overclocked
    GPU - Zotac GTX 960 2GB, hopefully gonna replace this with a 2080ti when they're available in stores
    RAM - 2 * 8GB Corsair Vengeance blue LED
    C - 500GB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD - OS & Games
    D - 240GB Kingston SSDNow V300 - Backups & Games
    E - 1TB WD BLUE 7200RPM 64MB cache - Backups, Projects & Games
    Case - NZXT black + blue H440
    PSU - Corsair RM650
    Cooling - some cheap shitty fan & heatsync that costed under $20


    Monitors - 2 * BenQ RL2455 24"
    Mouse - Razer Taipan black
    Keyboard - Razer Blackwidow Chroma v1
    Headset - Turtlebeach PX22

    Network Speed: 50 / 5 Mbps

    Also @OneVaughn I suggest you remove your ip from the screenshot.
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  5. I'm using a desktop I built in 2010. It has an ASUS P7P55D-E PRO motherboard, i7-860 2.8GHz CPU, 12 GB of 1333 RAM, a Sapphire (ATI) HD 5670 video card with 1 GB of DDR5, WD Black 1 TB HHD, LiteOn DVD, Antec case, Dell U2410 24" 1920x1200 monitor, Logitech backlit wired keyboard, Logitech M325 wireless mouse.

    Internet speed is 117 Mbps down, 37 Mbps up.

    I ran a public Minecraft server on this for 4 years.
  6. PC Specs:

    - Intel i5-4460
    GPU - Palit GeForce GTX 960 4GB
    GPU - Asus B85M-G
    RAM - HyperFury 8gb
    HDD - WD 1tb and 128gb SSD Samsung evo
    Case - CM K380
    Cooling - default fan


    Mouse - CM Storm blue (first version)
    Keyboard - CM Storm blue (first version)
    Mousepad - Itek red

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