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  1. I have an old potato desktop, but I haven't used it for almost two years. I use a gaming laptop instead.
    Say what you want about them being too expensive and never as good as desktop pcs, that doesn't help someone with 2 1/2 residences ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I just love it that I am alive right now where we're playing around with quantum storage, while we're enjoying as consumers with speed that go beyond the old hdd ones. I remember that I found it important to make sure my system at least had 7200 rpm and 10k ones in raid on the servers. Just to get some performance. This wasn't too long ago. Can't wait to see where we are in another decade.
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  3. Any specific reason you went with 1 16gb stick of ram? 2 8gb sticks would have given you the advantage of dual channel.
  4. Bought it when a pc died dindn't think of getting two sticks at the time
    Ordered additional 16gb stick
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  5. Strahan


    No doubt. It's amazing how fast stuff changes. I still remember as a kid getting a ST506/412 drive, it was a full height 5.25" tank. Like 5 or 10 MB or so and we thought it was awesome lol. Wasn't cheap from what I recall. Hell, just ten years ago when I built my file server I bought sixteen Western Digital 5400rpm 1 TB drives to stock it and they were $280 each. Now a terabyte is like $35 and $280 will buy you 8 TB. I wish I could afford to swap all them, 112 TB volume would be nice :)
  6. :D
    When you open the computer and see a print plate and go ' is this big thing that's as big as a motherboard the 2mb memory in a riser or... the motherboard? ' :D
  7. Currently have corsair strafe kb (not rgb) And Logitch G403 wired mouse. Anyone know a good wireless mouse cause Im looking for one
  8. I have the G403, too! :D
    A great wireless mouse you can get is definitely the G703, it's a wireless version of G403.
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