Spigot Potion Stacker 2.0

Stack all potions in your inventory

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    Potion Stacker - Stack all potions in your inventory

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  2. Does this work with custom potions such as potions from MCMMO?
  3. Should copy them exaclty, however i've not tried :) let me know if it doesn't work
  4. Could you change the command to stack to like /pstack or /potionsstack because theres already /stack in essentials and /potions that shows you a list of potions built in essentials.

  5. Will do, i'm at college currently so it will be updated within 4 hours!
  6. Hello! Can you add ability to stack potions if player held and do shift+left click
  7. I know this is a free plugin so I don't want to seem demanding of you or anything - However, are we able to suggest custom additions to the plugin in the instance you could possibly add it? If so I would like to suggest something, if its possible. ^^

    Thank you in advance! <3
  8. Sure, suggest anything you like
  9. An ability to set a permissions to only allow potions to stack to a limit of X number. X being the number determined. So when you stack, it would stack them in multiples of 16 for example. Or stacks of 24. But no higher. So a player can not essentially have infinite stacks of infinite potions for PVP.

    Dun know how easy that would be or hard to implement.
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  10. Wondering if you've had time to update this to 1.12? I enjoyed it in 1.11.2, but the server is upgrading to 1.12, and we wanted this to be an addition to the new server, instead of removing it entirely. Thanks!
  11. Have you tested to see if the plugin works on 1.12? There shouldn't be a problem
  12. I have not. it didn't say 1.12 in the supported versions, so was under the assumption that it was not working. I apologize for my ignorance in this matter. I will be trying it out shortly. ^.^

    It works. Might I ask for a feature request: The ability to limit the number a stack of potions can hold via permissions?

    Thank you if you consider my suggestion! Thanks again!
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  13. Yeah sure, i'll get this done by tomorrow. If there's no newer version by tomorrow just reply here because it means i forgot :p
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  15. I'd also like to request potion stack limit based on config.yml file this way we can achieve any amount 9f stacks we need, in my case 3.
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    Unrestricted permission sizes

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    Custom command

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  18. Good plugin! Maybe you can add a setting in the config to automatically check if the player have potions that can be stacked (maybe with a configurable amount of time, to prevent lag?).