Spigot PotionJoin 1.2

Gives players configurable time and level potion when they join your server!

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    PotionJoin (version 1.0) - Gives players configurable infinite jump height on join

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  2. Sweet =o Will check it out soon
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    Update 1.1

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  4. I did this with Skript, not infinite though, just a cool join effect
  5. Feature request:
    Is it possible to make it multiverse supported somehow? Or let the plugin remove the effect when a player change world?

    I want to use this plugin only in my Hub, and when a player change world the effect need to disappear.

    Now i cant use it for my purpose :p
  6. I hardly know java, but ill try.
  7. Add this to your code
    Code (Text):
      public void onWorldChange(PlayerChangedWorldEvent event){
  8. What if they join, and they spawn in a survival world, they will get the potion there, and when they move worlds, it will get removed?

    What Im thinking, is make it so you can set worlds in the config in which you will get the potions in when you enter them, which I don't know how to do lol
  9. You would need to do a check before you add the potion effect

    I'm no dev but i think this is how it would work.
    Code (Text):
        player.getWorld().getName() == this.getConfig().getInt("HubWorld");
    And run that check before you apply the potion effect
  10. You are getting an interger, which is a number but a string would make more sense.
  11. Please update this plugin :(
  12. 1.9 Update? :)
  13. Please add the potion with Hearts and Haste!
  14. add effects on join
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