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  1. I go to put this plugin in a world, I have the perworldplugins and I put this plugin in a world, but when I join un the server, in the lobby appear the ítems of the plugin. Help please :'(
  2. Hello,

    As far as In can understand you have a plugin that adds items, the items are also in your lobby and you don't want that.

    If the lobby is on it's own world you could use "Perworldplugins" to disable the plugin for your lobby.

    If the lobby isn't on it's own world I wouldn't know a fix out of my head.

    If you have a problem with Perworldplugins you could poste your config here. (A pastebin link or something like that.)

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  3. I have the perworldplugins
  4. Any people can help me? :'(
  5. Could you post the files from the PerWorldPlugins folder to https://pastebin.com/ and your plugin list.
    I will be able to see after that for you for any problems.
  6. This config controls what plugins work on certain worlds.
    # Example
    # limit:
    # WorldEdit:
    # - world
    # - world_nether
    # Essentials: []
    # This will make it so worldedit will only work in world & world_nether, meaning in the end it is not usable.
    # When there is no worlds in the list it will allow it for any worlds, in this example allowing all worlds.
    # Whenever a plugin is added, this config will automatically add it!
    # exempt-login-events is for excluding login events when true, this means if a plugin uses PlayerLogin it will allow it for any world. We advise this to be enabled!
    # blocked-msg is the string displayed to a client when a command is blocked
    # check-for-updates is the controller for if updates should be alerted to the users with the permissions/op.
    exempt-login-events: true
    check-for-updates: true
    blocked-msg: '&8[&4Error&8] &cEste comando no esta habilitado en este mundo.'
    CleanroomGenerator: []
    - PvP
    LuckPerms: []
    HubBasics: []
    WorldEdit: []
    ColoredSigns: []
    - world
    PlaceholderAPI: []
    PacketListenerApi: []
    PluginBlocker: []
    WorldGuard: []
    VoxelSniper: []
    iConomy: []
    PluginFake: []
    Vault: []
    MassiveCore: []
    HologramAPI: []
    ChestShop: []
    Essentials: []
    PlotMe: []
    RegionFX: []
    Jobs: []
    CreativeGates: []
    - PvP
    ChestCommands: []
    EssentialsChat: []
    EnjinMinecraftPlugin: []
    PlotMe-DefaultGenerator: []
    MoreSounds: []
    Multiverse-Core: []
    SkinsRestorer: []
    Multiverse-Inventories: []
    AuthMe: []
    HolographicDisplays: []
    Factions: []
    - world
    - SSpawn
    - Factions
    - Recursos
    - world_nether
    MinigamesLib: []
    MGSkyWars: []
    PerWorldInventory: []
    MinigamesParty: []

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  7. But the perworldplugins don't run :( (I believe)
  8. Please post the Config.yml to https://pastebin.com/ because I can't work with this.
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  9. Thank you.

    There isn't anything wrong with the Config.

    It could be one of these things that could be wrong:
    - Config's are most of the time case sensitive.
    - Your PerWorldPlugins could be outdated.
    - It could be indeed that PerWorldPlugins doesn't work because of an error, you could post a log here.

    If you don't get what I'm saying give me an PM and I will explain it. Also I could help you via Skype (works better alot than typing).
  10. What is your Skype?