Universal PowerJoin 1.1

A lightweight Spigot and BungeeCord plugin for customising join messages

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    PowerJoin - A lightweight Spigot and BungeeCord plugin for customising join messages

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  2. Hello :)

    Your plugin working well ! I use it on a bungeecord with 5 servers and it was wonderfull :)
    Working on 1.11.x server but also on 1.10.x !!!

    A problem with perms, i don't want forbid to see join/quit messages

    I just need a bungeecord perms to player for avoid join's announce.
    like "powerjoin.announce.no" :) for each vanish member from staff group :)
  3. No problem. I'll try working on this tonight but I only have a few minutes before I need to go out so I would expect it to be completed tomorrow :).

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    Version 1.1

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  5. @belfedia I've implemented your requested changes, as promised :).
  6. Marvellous, all working as you say :)
    I search this kind of plugin since long time and always disappointed !
    I have somes ideas to extend your plugin but well done :)
  7. Good to hear! :) Any suggestions are always welcome!
  8. I have 2 ideas :

    Could you add a authme-reloaded support ?
    I explain, i use this plugin to /login /logout in my server
    i show a new entry in config file like.
    AuthmeLogin: true/false
    and your plugin don't say coming message only if player make a succesfull /login :)

    Could add support to first join player ?
    If player is firstjoin, we can make a /command broadcast message, give item, make a sound

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