Spigot PowerRanks-Expansion 1.0

PlaceholderAPi expansion for PowerRanks

  1. It not working anymore
  2. What is not working?
  3. Powerranks expansion,I use it in my server 1.12.2 and it don't working,fix it please
    P/s:sorry for my bad english
  4. You did install it properly rigth?
    download PlaceholderAPI and PowerRanks place them in the plugins folder.
    Start your server, stop server after plugin folders have ben created.
    Download this expansion and place it in the expansions folder in the plugin folder of PlaceholderAPI
    Start your server again. Check if the expansion is loaded by doing: "/papi info powerranks"
  5. I do exactly you said,and
    [01:14:31 ERROR]: [PlaceholderAPI] Failed to load placeholder expansion from class: com.pixar02.papi.expanion.PowerRanksExapansion [01:14:31 ERROR]: [PlaceholderAPI] me/winspeednl/PowerRanks/Main