Spigot PramsPlayerCounter 2.0

Keep track of how many players have joined your server!

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    PramsPlayerCounter - Keep track of how many players have joined your server!

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  2. UUID support?
  3. is the message, a message only that player can see? or the whole server? I ask because it would be nice however since I want it on my hub server would be nice if it is a personal style message ,or if that could be configured?
  4. In da config you can change it :) "NewPlayerFormat" one
  5. Yes.

    Currently the message is a message that everyone can see, but I'll add a config option for it to be only for the player joining. :)
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    New Config Option

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  7. Updated! :)
    You can now choose wether or not it should be shown to everyone. You can still change the format of the message. :)
  8. Nice, thanks. Also this plugin looks in the playerdata's world folder? If so, When my server will turn 2 years, I can monitor unique players that joins on the server after the server's birthdate xD
  9. To keep the plugin lightweight, it simply checks if a player has played before, when they login to the server.
  10. What is the player count placeholder? I lost it :(
    What are both of the placeholders
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  11. I would tell you, but I can't remember, and I can't check atm. You'll have to wait till tomorrow or backup your config, then generate a new one and check.
  12. ... :(
  13. - "&aServerName &8// &7Welcome &b%Player%&7! &8(&7Player &b%PlayersJoined%&8)"
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  14. Thank You! :D
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  15. Any idea why it does this?

    It happens rarely, but like I guess its the 20th one it does... Version PPC 1.0 (I'm aware it got updated, but I guess it doesn't fix that issue?)

    EDIT: Still happening more commonly, any fixes planned or this plugin is dead?
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  16. Is this plugin still updated? Or abandoned?
  17. Still works and is updated if needed
  18. i dont want the join messages just a command to see how many players xD