PreciousStones vs ProtectionStones

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  1. Hi,
    I have a problem on my server, I dont know if I should use PreciousStones or ProtectionStones, both do almost the same, but I dont know which one consumes more resources of my server. Until now I have been using PreciousStones, and is really heavy (for my server at least), but the PreotectionStones is "linked" to the WorldGuard plugin wich is heavy too. I also have WorldGuard on my server, but with a few regions protected, if I use ProtectionStones, te nomber of regions will increase exponentially, that may affect the server performance?
    So my question is, wich one do you recomend me to use? performance related.

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    Really depends which parts of either plugin you want to use.
  3. ProtectionStones was just as bad as PreciousStones for me, They both caused lag when players tried to place a protection block inside a already protected area. (this is just my personal experience though)
    I moved onto a plugin that lets players select their protected area and they simply type /protect to create a worldguard region :)

    .. but when I tested them out, PreciousStones was a bit better then ProtectionStones.
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    "A plugin" :confused:.
  5. Yeah, well the problem with plugins like Residence is that the users may not be experienced with plugins that involve WorldGuard, to make cuboid selections. That is why I decided to use PreciousStones or ProtectionStones
    What I really like from PreciousStones is the integration with economy, and maybe the no-coflic option. ProtectionStones dont have integration with Vault, and I dont know if have sth to prevent areas from coliding, but I think is lightweight....
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  6. ProtectionStones is way too laggy by default. It's because it accesses disk everytime a player places/removes a "protectionstone." This will help a TON-my server went from lag to no lag as soon as I did this. It's a modified version that queues everything and then saves every 15 minutes rather than (possibly) dozens of times or more per minute: The author is stubborn and it isn't open source, so it is decompiled :/

    With the default ProtectionStones, you are at the mercy of your players :(
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    Oooooh. :O I might look into that. :3
  8. Oh, thanks!, I'll try it. Just a question, it affects the performance of the server in any way?
    And, it's secure? I mean, the players can't really grief in version 1.6.4?
  9. I cannot really comment on this having better performance as I have not use the other plugins. I have used this since I have started my server and I love it. It works perfect in 1.6.4.
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