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  1. Hello,

    I was curious to see what people's favorite text editor is and why. The reason I ask is because I just installed Elementary OS, and am looking for something new to try out, and really only have experience with Vim, Nano, and gEdit (for Linux, that is. Not Windows).

    Thanks for you input!
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    Vim, by far. Nano and gedit are weak while Vim has more scripting capacity than reality television. Also, don't use emacs.
  3. Notepad++, it has modes for different file types. I like using to to write batch files, also love the multiple tabs
    EDIT: It is also open source :D
  4. I personally am a fan of Sublime Text. I use it on Windows, but there is a Linux version as well. I like that it has a simple UI, but is very expandable and easy to use.
  5. I tried emacs once just to see what all the love/hate was about. I am firmly in the hate category. xD

    @ExkalibreDesigns I have heard good things about Sublime, though I'm not a fan of the paid part. But the website says it's not currently enforced, so...
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  6. Atom is the most advanced text editor I've seen. Just my issue is it tasks a little longer to load up. But it is worth it

    And it looks amazing compared to notepad. And works everywhere.
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  7. You can download the free version, and the only difference is that every once in a while, when you save, it will pop up a message that you can close, reminding you that you can support the company and buy it.
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  8. Big fan of sublime text.
  9. You should try vi.

    On a BSD Unix system and a DEC Unix system, I used to use emacs emulating TPU emulating EDT with additional custom key combinations.

    EDIT: Found the emacs file to do the above -
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  10. Either Gedit or Nano.
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  11. I use Sublime for web development, Notepad++ for all other general text editing.
  12. Atom, because it is essentially emacs but with a fancier interface and newer. Emacs is essentially an operating system, minus a filesystem. There is a reason Atom is something like 500 megabytes...
  13. I use NP++ but im planning on switching to sublime
  14. I thought you'd use WebStorm tbh, anyways, I prefer Notepad++
  15. I use phpstorm for.. well php, HTML/CSS/js don't really need IDEs
  16. minelazz


    Hate all... :/ (Tried notepad++,textpad, Vim, gEdit, Nano, Slime something, Brackets etc).

    Visual studio code (text editor) is a quite good, but it is slow to load (takes more than 2 second to load..)

    So I got a project on school making any program Iwanted to, so I ended up creating my own text editor. Here is how long I have come;
    It is based on, meaning it can "almost" take any syntax. It has also basic code completion.

    It is written using windows 10 UWP (c#).
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  17. I thought this thread was about Unix text editors.
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  18. Simply because it was a decent alternative to N++ on Ubuntu, I used Sublime Text 3, and when I got my Win10 laptop, it was the first to be downloaded.
  19. Hex

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    That looks a lot nicer than anything I could ever come up with, nice job.
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