prefix does not show

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  1. No, is your Nickname in a Admingroup?
  2. i tested with another acc in a default one an admin one and an owner one
  3. EssentialsX does not support PermissionsEx, but LuckPerms yes.
  4. id prefer to use PEX what can i do about it?
  5. Switch to LuckPerms :)
    EssentialsX doesn't support PEX
  6. well ill try luckyperms i guess
  7. got luckyperms rn but my prefix still doesnt show up
  8. Firstly, make sure you have vault installed and the updated version of luckperms from:

    Once that is done, if they still don't show up, make sure you check that you've added the prefixes to the groups correctly and that you have set up the weights correctly for the groups and prefixes. Then make sure you've set up your EssentialsXChat correctly. (Assuming you've already installed EssentialsXChat and EssentialsX
  9. Make sure you have vault and chat plugin should work then.
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  10. Didnt have vault yet i think thats the problem gonna try it asap
  11. Works ty all for helping
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  12. :)