Prefix Selector Plugin for 1.15

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  1. Hello. I'm looking for a plugin that will allow players to be able to select a prefix for 1.15 through a GUI or another interface. I've found DeluxeTags [] but it doesn't work in 1.15 and I've also found EasyPrefix [] but the plugin is extremely buggy to the point where it's impossible to create new prefixes, and sometimes modify them. Also, I don't think it's too important but I'm using LuckPerms and CMI.

    I don't want to have to hire a dev to do this unless if I absolutely have to, and alternative plugins or solutions to this are welcome. Thanks.
  2. Hi try this one I guarantee nothing, if it helps you evaluate my message its would help me too :D
  3. Would chestcommands help you?

    There are other plugins similar to chest commands too. You could make a gui and apply commands to an itemstack to change the players prefix on click. With permissions of course too. I have done this before.
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  4. Looking at the versions, it's native to 1.12. Plugins made in 1.12 generally don't work in 1.13+. I did see that one though, and I decided to not try it because of that.

    I actually considered doing this since I do have BossShopPro, but BSP isn't updated to 1.15 based on reviews and this plugin that you linked isn't either. Perhaps there's another chest GUI plugin I could use that would work in 1.15?
  5. I suggest you give it a shot still. See if it works. Hopefully does.
  6. I tried Chest Commands as you said. Surprisingly, it worked, and using LuckPerm's commands via the console, I was able to make a prefix selector. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!