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  1. My problem is concerning LuckPerm Prefixes. I have used LuckPerms ( as my permission plugin for ages with no problems. Recently I got this nickname plugin ( so Donators could set there nickname as a little perk. When I loaded the plugin all of the Admin, Moderator, and Donor prefixes were not showing. The nickname plugin comepletely removed the prefixes. So I removed the nickname plugin along with its configuration folder and restarted my server. Upon restart the prefixes were STILL NOT WORKING. I then deleted the LuckPerms jar, restarted the server, stopped the server, added back LuckPerms, and started the server back up again. LuckPerms was still working completely fine bit PREFIXES ARE STILL BROKE. Ive contacted multiple people and they have no idea, Id really appreciate some help.
  2. Hello you have checked the database and the permissions of the plugin
    /lp editor
    everything is well configured?
    it is quite strange you have tried with some other plugin for example
  3. Why another plugin when there's Essentials /nick...?
    High chance probably isn't LuckPerms fault, instead, any type of displayname change would sometimes modify prefix too, that is if prefix is set as "Display Name", which most of the time it is.

    Essentials' nick wouldn't do that.

    - Don't remove and add back luckperms. Instead, try re-setting the prefixes.