Solved Prefixes in Tab flickering?

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  1. Hello,

    So recently I have been trying to get prefixes next to playes names in Tab. I seem to have an Issue with the prefixes and getting them to stay so heres what happens...

    When a player joins the server they might sometimes join with a prefix next to their name and sometimes they may not. When players are playing sometimes they may see the prefix next to their name in tab however it will disappear after around 2 seconds.

    I have tried many plugins that provide prefixes in tab such as Colored Tags and Tablist Prefix. My guess is that a plugin is conflicting with the Tab Prefix plugins however I cannot figure out which one.

    Server Version: Spigot 1.11.2


    Thanks :)

    - Drood
  2. maybee you schould try nametagedit i cant see anny plugin interacting with eachother
  3. Alright I'll check it out asap.
  4. np, You can always ask my annything!
  5. Use plugman to disable all your plugins and enable NametagEdit or whatever tab plugin you are using and also maybe vault and your permission plugin then see if the problem still happens if not then it is one of your plugins conflicting.
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  6. Thanks, this helped lots, turned out it was titlemanger which was conflicting with any plugin that changed tab prefixes!
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  7. You're welcome! Make sure you set the thread to solved if solved.

    Have a nice day!