Prefixes not working!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BobProductions, May 28, 2016.

  1. Heya,
    On my minecraft server, when I say something in chat it says <BlakeYH> (Message) but I want it to say [Owner] BlakeYH: (message) but for some reason it isnt working, I tried with PEX but changed to Group Manager to see if it would work.
    Here is a list of plugins:
    1. TTA
    2. cTablist
    3. GroupManager
    4. ClearLag
    5. InGameMotd
    6. Vault
    7. MassiveCore
    8. Multiverse-Core
    9. CTSNC
    10. Essentials
    11. EssentialsChat
    12. Factions
    13. SilkSpawners

    If you need the config of any plugins just tell me!
  2. In EssentialsChat config (located in the essentials config further down) replace the current format with this:

    Code (Text):
      format: '{DISPLAYNAME}: {MESSAGE}'
    Also, make sure you have set your Owner prefix for the group Owner in GroupManager.

    (Note: Factions does override chat events, so locate the part of this in the Factions config and disable it, then it should be fine)
  3. Alright thanks
  4. No problem, let me know if it doesn't work or does work :)