Prefixs not working on Spigot 1.12

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  1. Hi!

    As the title says, the prefixs are not working on my 1.12 Spigot server.

    I am trying to show the prefixes using permission plugins, such as Permissionex or LuckPersm, none works.

    I have installed ALL the dependencies that both plugins required in their corresponding versions, but it still doesn't work.

    I've even tried to just run the permission plugins (with their dependencies obviously).

    The logs are not showing nothing, same as console. All the plugins are in green.

    I have recently updated Java

    But nothing, is it a problem of Spigot 1.12, my PC, Windows S.O?

  2. First off, you are in the wrong place to ask. This is the support when coding your own plugin. See Spigot Plugin Help.

    Secondly, if you haven't already you will need to get a plugin such as ChatControl (for chat) and configure the global chat to contain prefixes.
  3. His in the right place, you should read sometimes...

    if u want prefixes use this
    install the essentialsx and essentialsxChat
  4. This thread was most likely moved after he posted that comment.
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  5. Thanks for the answer, but I have to tell you that I already have EssentialsX and EssentialsChatX installed, here is my problem ... Why don't the prefixes show up? If I have everything right?
  6. make sure u have vault if it still doesnt work idk since i dont really use essentialx
    i use this >
    just get vault and permission plugin and change the config and it should be good
  7. I tried to be nice and inform where plugin questions should be posted. Really unnecessary comment but ok I guess.

    You may need to configure it:

    Otherwise, ChatControl also makes it possible to do this by using %pl_prefix in the chat config.
    Although this might be a harder plugin to use (as there's a lot of features that you might not want) it's still preferred over EssentialsXChat in almost all cases.
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  8. Thanks, this works, i use ChatControl.