Spigot PrefixSuffixTab 1.0

A simple plugin to display prefixes & suffixes in the TAB List

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    PrefixSuffixTab - A simple plugin to display prefixes & suffixes in the TAB List

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  2. Instead of permissions could you just make it so it links to vault and Permissions EX of their rank? I don't want to give permissions

    im just too lazy XD but nice free USEFUL plugin <3
  3. Hi,

    With essentials chat only change the displayname in chat and not working the prefixes?

    Is normal or a bug?
  4. Will you support the displayname placeholder, because I use nicknames, and I'd like to see them in my tab as well. Also can you make it to where its not a permission based Prefix, I allow my donators to change there prefix and I want them to update accordingly.
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  5. You don't have to give permissions, its optional.

    You'll need Groupmanager or Pex to make it work.

    This is already possible. You can see nicknames in the tab. And we are working on a plugin to change a prefix for a specific player, so that donators can change ther prefix on their own.

    If use is set to false in the config it uses the getDisplayName() method to get the displayname, many plugins use this like Essentials. (It contains your preffix suffix and nickname) So this way you can just use the plugin without actually having to set-up your permissions for this plugin.

    If use is set to true it uses permisssions, but you can set literally anything you want. It doesn't even have to be a prefix/suffix. Think of things like a website link or donation page. You can also create a permission for 1 player only. Just only give them the permission. Don't forget owners etc. have all permissions so they just get a random rank. Remove all other permissions except the owner one. Also if u use inheritances just remove the permission from the rank before.
  6. I use a different plugin to set prefixes for a certain user, will you make an extension that uses the prefix in PEx that is already set for a specific user so we wont have to add permissions to a group or player to have the prefix?
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  7. I will look into it.
  8. This will give your audience more diversity in the plugin itself, I'd support you if you made this happen! :)
  9. Btw, which chat plugin are you using? I tested it with PEX+EssentialsChat and it shows the prefix from the PEX config. (And check the config, you'll need to set use to 'False' for that feature.)
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  10. Ohhh! That works! I apologize, I didn't understand your plugin that well! I use ChatControlPro, which uses the PEx prefix
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