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  1. Hallo,
    ich weiß, das dieses Thema bereits vielfach Besprochen wurde. Ich habe dennoch keinerlei Lösung gefunden.
    Das Problem: Auf der 1.14.4 funktioniert das PrefixSystem (downloaded und auch mein eigenes) super. Das Problem jedoch, wenn ein Spieler mit einer Version unter 1.14.4 joint. Man Bekommt eine error meldung das der Name zu lange ist und das wars. Hat jemand eine Idee oder einen Link zu einer Lösung.

    Danke im voraus

    Hi there,
    I know that this topic has already been discussed many times. I still haven't found a solution.
    The problem: The prefix system (downloaded and also my own) works great on 1.14.4. The problem, however, when a player with a version below 1.14.4 try to join it sends an error message. You get an error message that the name is too long and that's it. Does anyone have an idea or a link to a solution.

    Thank you in advance
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  2. This is an english forum. Please translate so we can understand and help you !
  3. Sorry, I changed it
  4. SteelPhoenix


    the 16 character limit for scoreboard prefix/suffix and player names is hardcoded and enforced client side.
  5. So i cant change it anyway? I mean big Servers have longer prefixes than 16 characters.
  6. You could try TAB and its Unlimited-nametag-prefix-suffix-mode feature, it would even allow you to have text above and below your name ! (if you need help with it, you can join its discord server)