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  1. Hello i am pregenerating my world and it generates 20 chunk in 5 seconds if this keeps going like this it is still busy in 2022 help :D
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    Uh how big are you pregenerating?
    Get a faster server?

    Also even at that speed some quick math gives 10 days for a 30k x 30k map, not 3 years
  3. taht 2022 was a joke :D its 15kx15k and when i pregenerate the server is at 5tps so unplayable
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    Quick maths tells me 2.5 days.... that's not that bad.
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  5. pff ok thanks :D
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  6. What tool are you using to pregenerate the world?
  7. Do a lower amount of chunks per tick, if /wb fill 20 if lagging you do /wb fill 10
    You might think "well it'll be slower then!"
    Not always. if you're at 1TPS doing 20 then you're only gonna be genning 5 chunks per second
    but if your at 10TPS doing 10 then you'll be doing 50 chunks!

    Random numbers because Icb doing math and shit rn but, less is more. Make sure your always 15+ TPS, if not go lower.