Spigot Premium Freeze 1.1.2

99% Customizable, Screenshare Plugin

  1. Spinjitzu07 submitted a new resource:

    Premium Freeze - 99% Customizable, Screenshare Plugin

  2. You did not fully follow the Java code standards:
    - Put all your packages in `fr.spinjitzu.screenshare`
    - Why do you have `onCommand` in your main class?
    - PLEASE DON'T NAME YOUR MAIN CLASS `main`, better choose `ScreensharePlugin`
    - Name your `Config` class `LocalizationConfig`
    - Don't get the location each time from the config, better save it in a field in your main class

    Any further, the plugin is very unique, so good work!
  3. Ahah, thx u but this is my First plugin ever. Thx u so much
  4. I thought so, keep the good work going! You can join my Discord server https://discord.gg/zKjnkkU and I love it to help (beginning) developers