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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by john01dav, Jul 3, 2015.

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  1. Hello Spigot! I was thinking it might be a good idea to add a new feature to allow for premium resource bundles. They would allow a developer to sell two or more of their resources together, perhaps for a reduced price. This has two advantages. Firstly, the user can get a cheaper price if they want to buy the two plugins together -- but users who only want one don't have to pay for both. Secondly, the developer recieves slightly more money than they otherwise would because less money is taken in PayPal's fees.

    Of course, getting an addon for this can't happen which is why it will need to be done manually. I was thinking that the developer can submit a premium resource to represent the bundle. Then, when a user purchases the bundle resource they send the developer a private message. Once the developer receives the private message, they add the user to the bundled resources manually. If the developers can't be trusted, then a staff member could do the same thing.

    Another option, although I have no idea if it is possible or not, is to have a script (setup by a staff member when they approve the bundle resource) that adds the buyer to the resources in the bundle very much in a similar way as the scripts that allow access to S&R and premium resources work.

    Lastly, you are probably wondering why not to simply distribute the jar files in a zip file in the bundle resource. This is problematic for two reasons. Firstly, it might not get approved. Secondly, and more importantly, it can be a huge extra hassle to update multiple resources every time the developer wants to release an update which may discourage many developers from updating their plugins -- especially if they have a large number of them.
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  2. How would payment work?
  3. Users would simply buy the bundle resource. The developer can set whatever price they want for it.
  4. How about you make your main plugin. Then add on plugins. Then you can charge a boatload for your main plugin and offer the addons (Which require your main plugin to be installed) for free?
  5. That won't really work for what I have in mind:
    a) The plugins I want to bundle are already published as separate plugins
    b) They all work on their own (they aren't really addons) but work better together
  6. So basically you want to offer multiple plugins as a package at a discounted price... I'm pretty sure PayPal taxes transactions by the dollar. So if you have two five dollar plugins you're going to pay PayPal $1.00. If you have one package for $10 you're still going to pay $1.00.
  7. PayPal does US$.30 + 2.9%. It avoids the extra .30. I also want to promote the plugins being used together.
  8. You know the more transactions you generate the less they tax you.
  9. I was unaware of that. Do you have any sources (not that I don't believe you, but I want to figure out exactly how this works). Although, either way, my other points still stand.
  10. I Dislike the idea of having to pay for plugins at all. As a server owner, and follower of the EULA rules, i can;t make any money off their products. Why should I pay to use yours, If in return I can't get my original investment back.
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  11. Easy, Don't follow the EULA. Also, there are paid particle plugins so you sell particles.
  12. md_5 already mentioned paid plugins are actually not against EULA, and I take that as a grey spot.
    If you don't like this half-closed-sourced spigot site just find another one or create your own.
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  13. This thread isn't about whether or not to sell plugins at all; but rather whether or not to have bundles. If you dislike paying, which you obviously do, then this idea allows you to pay less.
  14. I did it in Flo's UHC, and it was like that when it was send to @Z750 - he accepted it
  15. The answer is obvious, this isn't possible if this specific resource doesn't exist on XenForo either isn't Spigot staff web developers,
  16. Was that using the private message setup or was a script configured?
  17. I just put it in a zip, and posted it
  18. The issue is that I'd prefer to have an automated system so that when I push a new update for the plugins contained in the zip that I do not need to manually update my bundles.
  19. Just make a resource called bundle and make it download a zip file :p
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