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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Maxx_Qc, Feb 3, 2020.

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  1. Hey guys, I didn't know where to post this so if this isn't the right place just let me know.
    It's been a week since I uploaded my premium resource and it is awaiting approval. It is my first premium plugin and I already have a new update ready for it (which I cannot upload yet). I just wanted to know about how long does it take to get a premium plugin approved?

    Thanks :)
  2. Could be a week to a month, just wait patiently.
  3. Alright, thank you dude
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the bump. I just got a notification saying that my resource wasn't approved.

    Basic and common resource. Add substantially more (unique) functionality if you want to release it as a premium resource or release for free.

    The thing is, my plugin offers fully customizable commands features, and add options that any plugin out there offers (any command cooldown, any command price, any command permission, etc.) which is why I find it weird. It is my first premium resource, I worked a lot on that plugin and the price was very low (1.50USD). I've already planned a lot more features to come too like titles, particles, fireworks, etc.. Just wanna share that in my case I had a bad experience with premium resources posting for now and that I don't know what needs to be done in order for my plugin to be considered "premium". Are there any other services where I can sell plugins? Thanks
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    What does your plugin do exactly?
  6. I mean, didn't you just quote what it does?

    Basically you can add the option to pay for using any command from any plugin. You can add a cooldown option to any command. You can require user to have a certain permission to use a command. This is also, in a really near future, compatible with Essentials' teleport delay.

    Many more options and configurations, but the thing that sucks the most is that I just found out that they completely delete your resource post. You know, the thing where I spent times on writing about my plugin, all the functionnalities, how it works, etc. Lost work.
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    I mean, if i spent time I'm sure i can find quite a few of those kinds of resources.

    and you'd be surprised, sometimes the plugin is more than what the person says :p
  8. Do it then. I dare you. This plugin idea is coming from a post on this forum because the user wasn’t able to find a plugin where you can pay for commands using a confirmation command. After trying to find one and realizing there aren’t any, I started my own with extra features.

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  10. Optic_Fusion1

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    Yet there's basically everything else you've talked about in OP
    So, make a suggestion to that author instead of making a completely new plugin for that one specific thing
  11. I guess my plugin will be used as custom then, unless the guy that it was created for wants to switch over that plugin
  12. It is possible to add confirm to commands using mycommand.

    Nice day to you.
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  14. The thing is, for example a player run /spawn, he receives a msg saying "it costs x$ to do this command. Type /confirm to confirm". So how would that work?
  15. Well let's say you use Essentials for /spawn, you would have /spawn overwritten by a command that sends you that message, and then say do /espawn to go to spawn, or make /confirm run /espawn.
  16. So you cannot use /confirm, it would be to create a command for each one of your command and create a single confirm command for that too. You cannot use only a /confirm command for every command. Also, if you use /espawn you'll lose money, but if you have a 5 seconds teleport delay and you move it means that you'll pay without actually using the command
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  17. If you want your resource page back you might dm a resource staff or submit an email. That happened to me the first time and I was able to get the page's text back from one of the staff.
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  18. Well yeah if you want multiple commands just use clickable text with a confirm option, it's faster. Also it's easier for players to have a loophole around the confirmation, so when you're a veteran and know it costs you money to do /spawn, you can just do /espawn instead of having to confirm it every single time.
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