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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Ayush_03, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. So someone on June 5th purchased my resource RunesEnchant ( That user paid the money from his bank account which was still pending and that user was not able to download my plugin (was not in buyers list). Yesterday, when I opened my gmail, I saw a mail from PayPal that the payment has been cancelled as they were unable to take the money off the bank account of that user within 10 days. Also, I saw something strange, the user got added in the buyers list after the payment was cancelled. He downloaded the plugin for free This is what I want to report. I am not sure if this had happened before to anyone, but it did happen to me now. I'm afraid if he will distribute the plugin as he has nothing to loose even if he get catch for leaking it.
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  2. I can confirm this issue.
  3. An old friend of mine had an issue like that, I am not sure how he managed to solve it though neither I remembers his username anymore xD
  4. Probably a spigot bug or something, or maybe paypal was having some issues at the time? Not sure.
  5. This is a spigot bug ;3
  6. I reported the user exactly 20 days ago, no response yet.
  7. Send an email to spigot.
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  8. Despite that glitch, premium plugins are taking much longer than usual to become approved. It's been almost 6 days since I posted mine, but I'm assuming it has to do with the work load involved in reviewing the junior moderator applications.
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    its vacation season. some staff may be away. and since the kids have vacation they have more time to upload plugins. But I don't think that a week is unusual.
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  10. I emailed to Spigot, as I got no reply on reporting that user.
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    do not post sensible information here please
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    thats not the point. such things should not be handled in public. You have no right to post these information. You are violating privacy laws.
  13. Oh, that would explain it. But yeah, a week is pretty unusual.
  14. First of all, you do NOT share ANY SORT OF private information to the public, that is AGAINST THE LAW, you can actually go to jail in some countries for doing that, second of all, the fact that you're saying you don't care is making it even worse, just proves that you're after the money and do not care about your customers, in other words, an insensitive prick who will share every single last bit of private information he has* on some person, just to get a few $. I spit on developers like you. And also, Ayush, I don't mean to sound rude, however, I think that this is a spigot bug and that its neither the customers, nor paypals fault, more of spigots fault.
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  15. Ayush, I am truly sorry about the error that has happened. On my paypal, it says that the transaction has been completed, right away as I bought the plugin, and ever since then I had access to the plugin. It's weird that this occured more than once, but all my paypal transactions have been successfully completed. If possible I'd like to sort things out as towards to where the money went. If needed, I will do a second transaction, however, that's beyond the point, point is, this is a spigot bug and seems to have occured more than once.
  16. Another thing I would also like to point out is that having multiple paypal accounts is NOT illegal. I have 2 paypal accounts, 1 is my paypal account that has a credit card I also use irl, and the 2nd account is the one I use to pay online transactions, which has another credit card which I do not use for nearly anything, unless needed. I have never once been contacted by paypal, nor have I ever heard about such bullsh*t rule about how its illegal to have multiple paypal accounts. I find it pretty damn ridiculous how hypocritical you are.
  17. Oh really
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  18. It's not really that much of a sensible information nabs. Cry more.
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  19. @simeon005 you also have access to my plugin UltimateTickets.

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